Women in Combat
March 24, 2003

In a March 24 News Release, Elaine Donnelly expressed outrage and concern for soldiers in the 507th Army Maintenance Battalion who were captured by Iraqi soldiers during Operation Iraqi Freedom on Sunday March 23, 2003. Some of the prisoners, still unidentified, were reportedly killed and their bodies displayed on Arabic television.

Donnelly expressed the sincere wish that all remaining captives will soon be released. She added, “When I heard the disturbing news, I feared right away that at least one of those soldiers would be a woman serving her country in uniform. The brutal killings that have already taken place indicate that we are dealing with a ruthless regime that is unlikely to comply with the Geneva Convention requiring humane treatment for prisoners of war.” . . . Read More

October 30, 2002
Observers nationwide applauded when the Bush Administration allowed the Charter of the 51 year-old Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS) to expire on February 28. The 33-member tax-funded advisory committee, primarily composed of civilian women, had come under fire from the Center for Military Readiness and many other organizations because of its relentless promotion of feminist causes in the military. Dr. David Chu, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, dismissed Clinton-era members, and pledged that a new committee with a more constructive agenda would eventually be established. . . Read More

May 31, 2002

The following article first appeared in the May 2002 issue of CMR Notes, a publication of the Center for Military Readiness.  The "Interim Brigade Combat Teams" described are now called "Stryker Brigade Combat Teams."

The Center for Military Readiness is pleased that the Bush Administration is ending the practice of training women for land combat positions, which was instigated during the Clinton Administration and continued until April of this year. In a front page story by military reporter Rowan Scarborough on May 30, 2002, the Washington Times reported that the Bush Administration will no longer train female soldiers in land Surveillance Troops designed to fight for information on the ground in places like the caves of Afghanistan. Eight female trainees will be reassigned, with no penalty to their careers. . . Read More

April 15, 2002
Despite intense pressure from Pentagon feminists and their allies in Congress, the Charter of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services was allowed to expire on February 28, 2002. This was good news to the Center for Military Readiness and many influential friends and organizations that strongly opposed continuation of the DACOWITS. Time will tell, however, whether the agenda of radical feminists will truly become a thing of the past. . .  Read More

March 5, 2002
Washington Times Background Report on the DACOWITS

Will Bush Defense Department Dissolve Feminist Power Base? . . . Read More

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