Sex Scandals
July 31, 2002
The Center for Military Readiness is pleased by the news, as reported by Rowan Scarborough in the July 31 Washington Times, that Navy officials have approved the belated but well-deserved promotion of Robert E. Stumpf to the rank of Captain. Former Commander Stumpf commanded the Navy’s elite Blue Angels demonstration team and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism in Desert Storm. He ran into a political firestorm, however, when he attended the 1991 Tailhook Convention in Las Vegas, NV, to accept an Award for Excellence earned by the squadron he led. Stumpf quickly became a high-profile target for feminists during the post-Tailhook scandal witch-hunt, which was exploited by ultra-liberal Representative Patricia Schoeder (D-CO) to fuel her campaign for women in combat. . . Read More

January 14, 2002
Plans to call up pregnant soldiers for active duty in the aftermath of the September 11 Attack on America were reportedly reversed by the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, David Chu. According to Insight magazine, Pentagon planners were stunned to learn that when President George W. Bush authorized the calling up of up to 50,000 reservists and additional National Guard units, the only question asked by Clinton-Administration holdovers in the Pentagon, with regard to pregnant soldiers, was whether they should be exempt from active duty obligations in the second or third trimester. . . Read More

January 14, 2002

Four days after the September 11 Attack on America, the New York Times published an obituary of retired Rear Adm. Wilson "Bud" Flagg, who was a passenger on the American Airlines flight that was seized by terrorists and slammed into the Pentagon. The astonishingly insensitive item highlights widespread ignorance about the Tailhook scandal and the overly zealous investigations and "witch-hunts" that followed it.

To clear up some of the confusion and to discourage future affronts to the families of naval aviators who were affected by Tailhook, CMR has written directly to the New York Times, and posted the March 1994 National Review article by Elaine Donnelly, titled "The Tailhook Scandals," elsewhere on this website.

The September 15 New York Times obituary reads as follows: "Wilson Flagg, a Retired Admiral, Dies at 62 Wilson Flagg, a retired rear admiral who was one of three admirals censured by the Navy over the 1991 Tailhook sexual-assault scandal, died in the American Airlines plane that crashed into the Pentagon, his family said yesterday. His wife, Darleen, also died in the crash. Both were 62. On Oct. 15, 1993, the secretary of the Navy, John H. Dalton, censured Admiral Flagg along with Vice Adm. Richard Dunleavy and Rear Adm. . .

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