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July 31, 2002
The Center for Military Readiness is pleased by the news, as reported by Rowan Scarborough in the July 31 Washington Times, that Navy officials have approved the belated but well-deserved promotion of Robert E. Stumpf to the rank of Captain. Former Commander Stumpf commanded the Navy’s elite Blue Angels demonstration team and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism in Desert Storm. He ran into a political firestorm, however, when he attended the 1991 Tailhook Convention in Las Vegas, NV, to accept an Award for Excellence earned by the squadron he led. Stumpf quickly became a high-profile target for feminists during the post-Tailhook scandal witch-hunt, which was exploited by ultra-liberal Representative Patricia Schoeder (D-CO) to fuel her campaign for women in combat. . . Read More

May 31, 2002

The following article first appeared in the May 2002 issue of CMR Notes, a publication of the Center for Military Readiness.  The "Interim Brigade Combat Teams" described are now called "Stryker Brigade Combat Teams."

The Center for Military Readiness is pleased that the Bush Administration is ending the practice of training women for land combat positions, which was instigated during the Clinton Administration and continued until April of this year. In a front page story by military reporter Rowan Scarborough on May 30, 2002, the Washington Times reported that the Bush Administration will no longer train female soldiers in land Surveillance Troops designed to fight for information on the ground in places like the caves of Afghanistan. Eight female trainees will be reassigned, with no penalty to their careers. . . Read More

May 7, 2002
The belated response of attorney Susan Barnes to CMR’s Motion for Summary Judgment heaped new falsehoods on top of old ones. None of them provided credible support to the Plaintiff’s original accusations. The filing was composed of several elements, listed and analyzed below: 1. Personal Attacks Capt. Charles Nesby, USN (Ret.) Susan Barnes has presented retired Navy Capt. Charles Nesby, a former commander of Training Wing Two at NAS Kingsville, TX, as her star "expert witness." In 1993, Nesby recommended that one of his students, then-Lt. Carey Dunai, be accepted for F-14 training. Nesby has never spoken to Elaine Donnelly, but has nevertheless attacked her character and motives in a "drive-by declaration" that was mean-spirited, inconsistent with prior testimony, apparently motivated by an admitted egalitarian agenda, and repeated by Barnes seven times in documents filed with the Court. . . Read More

May 7, 2002
Background and Overview Six years after a harassment lawsuit was filed in federal court to silence Elaine Donnelly and the Center for Military Readiness, CMR attorneys have presented to the Court new information that is devastating to what is left of the Plaintiff’s case. Feminist attorney Susan Barnes of Colorado, an activist and close friend of former Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder (D-CO), has tried to salvage her fundamentally dishonest case by submitting a set of false or irrelevant affidavits, one of which was not even signed. On April 22, 1996, Barnes filed a bogus lawsuit on behalf of former Navy F-14 pilot Carey D. Lohrenz, which was intended to silence Elaine Donnelly and drain the resources of CMR. The pretext of the lawsuit was to accuse CMR of ending the already-failing career of then-Lt. . . Read More

April 25, 2002
Crown Prince Abdulla has arrived in Crawford, Texas, preceded by a media charm offensive and "Morning in Saudi Arabia" television commercials. The spots are beautifully produced, but not enough to obscure the haunting image, recently broadcast around the world, of a winsome five year-old girl dressed to accompany her father at an anti-Israeli demonstration in Berlin. Three cardboard tubes, painted to look like sticks of dynamite, were strapped around her waist. Any father who would dress his innocent little girl to look like a suicide terrorist is beneath contempt. . . Read More