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An Independent Public Policy Organization Specializing in Military/Social Issues

Mission Statement

The Center for Military Readiness is an independent, non-partisan, public policy organization with a unique mission.  CMR promotes high standards and sound priorities in the making of military personnel policies, and takes the lead in defending elements of military culture that are essential for morale and readiness in the All-Volunteer Force.

Founding Principles of the Center for Military Readiness

In addressing contemporary policies that affect morale and readiness in America's armed forces, CMR recognizes the following realities and guiding principles:

  • "Peace Through Strength," the philosophy of President Ronald Reagan, requires strong military forces that are fully trained, equipped, and ready to deter or defeat any adversary.
  • Sound personnel policies are as crucial as advanced weapons systems in preserving readiness and a strong national defense.
  • Intangible qualities of a strong military culture must be taught and constantly reinforced in all branches of the armed forces, and must not be taken for granted.
  • Equal opportunity is important, but if there is a conflict between career considerations and military necessity, the needs of the military — and of the nation — must come first.
  • Sound personnel policies should be based on empirical evidence derived from actual experience, not sociological theories and misguided goals such as "diversity" as a "strategic imperative" in our military.
  • Essential elements of military culture encourage high training standards, team  cohesion, integrity, and personal discipline, not indiscipline.
  • Unlike the military's historic efforts to end racial discrimination long before the civilian world, mandates for achieving politically-correct "diversity metrics" are eroding core values and high standards that are based on individual merit, not political expedience.
  • A strong All-Volunteer Force depends more than ever on well-trained, cohesive units that are ready for deployment worldwide on short notice. With fewer troops, squadrons, and ships available, each person in uniform is more important to the mission, not less so.

The Center for Military Readiness will continue to support our brave military men and women by defending and fighting for the cultural integrity of the institution in which they serve.

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