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August 6, 2012

Confidential Contact

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Center for Military Readiness
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If you are a Member of the Military -- We Want to Hear From You

Thank you for your service in defense of America.  We appreciate your willingness to volunteer, and believe that your job should not be made more difficult or more dangerous in a military that is undergoing radical social change.

CMR is interested in knowing what you really think.  Pentagon officials rarely ask you and other men and women in uniform about social issues that affect you directly.  CMR is asking.

How are things going? We hope you will use the form below to communicate with CMR, on a confidential basis.  We will do our best to convey your concerns and those of other servicemen and women to high-level policy makers and opinion leaders.

The Center for Military Readiness is a public policy organization that deals with military/social issues. We advocate high standards and sound personnel policies, and support essential elements of military culture that strengthen discipline, morale, and overall readiness.

Please use the form below to communicate, in confidence, with the Center for Military Readiness. First, some ground rules:

CMR is not in a position to provide advice on individual problems involving legal disputes or the military bureaucracy.  However, we are interested in hearing about situations and policies that affect your unit or your military service — particularly those issues that are reported and analyzed elsewhere on this website.

Feel free to invite your circle of family and friends in your military community to be in touch with us as well.

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Military Readiness, and for your patriotic commitment to defend America.